Estate Appraisals

At Coin Connection, we provide valuable assistance to probate attorneys, estate lawyers, and estate executors in assessing and liquidating items containing precious metals, as well as estimating the value of rare coins, fine jewelry, and rare notes within an estate. Our comprehensive estate valuations are conducted with precision and efficiency, ensuring a smooth process for dividing or liquidating items among beneficiaries.

When it comes to estate valuations, we understand that the liquidation of jewelry, silverware, and other items can simplify the distribution process. Our team specializes in evaluating and appraising jewelry, coins, notes, silverware, and other valuable assets. Using x-ray fluorescence technology, we determine the percentage and type of metals present in each piece, providing precise information about their precious metal purity.

During the valuation process, we weigh the items on government-certified scales right in front of you. Utilizing the current spot price of gold, silver, or platinum, we calculate the value of your items on the spot. The entire process is transparent and efficient, with our experts explaining each step along the way. Whether you have a few items or an extensive collection, our turnaround time typically ranges from 1-3 days, ensuring a timely appraisal of your estate's assets.

Rest assured that we are well-versed in appraising rare coins, fine jewelry, and rare notes. Our experienced team applies their numismatic expertise to accurately estimate the value of these unique items. You can rely on our knowledge and attention to detail to provide you with reliable valuations for your estate planning, insurance, or other essential purposes.

Should you have any questions throughout the process, we are always available to address them. We believe in open communication and strive to ensure that you fully understand the details of the appraisal. With our commitment to exceptional service and our ability to handle various aspects of estate appraisals, Coin Connection is your trusted partner in valuing and liquidating precious metals, rare coins, fine jewelry, and rare notes within an estate.

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